Gik Tokyo Blend

Japanese Tea With White Wine


wine and tea blend

Exquisite Wine And Tea Blends

Each bottle of this wine and tea blend is conceived to enfold you delicate and rhythmically into the cultural heritage of Japan. Inspired by the Japanese cuisine, we blend wines and teas to achieve the most exquisite and unique wines. 

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ingredients are natural

Natural Exquisiteness

This Tokyo blend is the conclusion of a conscientious research to find ways to take your tastebuds to the next level. In addition, our wines have a greater amount of hues, aromas and flavours aimed at enriching the drinking experience.


Japanese Sencha tea will become the perfect partner to discover the essence of the Japanese culture. Its refined flavor and the pale green colour of its leaves are the product of the ancient plant variety Camellia Sinensis. Japan, at last, inside your wine glass.

Gik Tokyo Blend | Japanese Tea With White Wine
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